What are PT Sports Training Camps?

PT Sport training Camps are tailor fit programs designed around any organization. Targeting specific areas to any one sport, in most cases it is speed. Whether it is foot speed, stride speed, trunk speed, etc. SPEED KILLS in whatever sport you may play. And, at Performance Training we understand this and we know that to make serious gains in speed, it is the off-season in which you can train for Speed at our Sport Training camps.

What is Off-Season Training?
There is a two-phase process to building fitness for any sport in the off-season.

1) Improving General Fitness:
Improving aerobic power, flexibility, strength, and diet while decreasing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

2) Sport Specific Conditioning:
For athletes, improved aerobic power aids endurance, and decreased body fat allows for faster, more efficient motions. Added strength and flexibility, plus a healthy diet helps maintain the exercise regimen with a reduced risk of injury.

Who Uses Off-Season Training?
With never ending competition, off-season training has grown exponentially over the past ten years. Professional and collegiate players are constantly trying to gain the edge over the competition and now the same goes for youth and high school players. The off-season is where you develop and harness your skills for the following season.

What You Can Expect...
Our qualified fitness staff will tailor fit a sport fitness training program to fit your specific athletic needs with small class sizes, keeping the trainer to athlete ratio to an optimal level. The sport fitness training sessions will be highly intense, focusing on three main categories: Agility, Plyometrics and Explosiveness. Remember, no matter what sports you play, speed kills, and at Performance Training we know what it takes to get YOU to the NEXT LEVEL!


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Sports training is becoming a must in today's day and age. Whether we are at a point where are development into sports is that much higher. Or, maybe the technological boom has helped give our athletes from old to young a boost as well. Either way one thing is for sure, sports training is a must for any athlete in any sport. No matter what sport you play sports fitness training needs to be a priority. The difference between just regular training and sports fitness training. Is, sports training is made specifically-to that sport. A football player would not train the same as a tennis player. Sports training is a very specific field of training to help each athlete achieve their individual maximum potential. Having said that, at Performance Training we take it very personally to help each individual and each team achieve nothing but the best. And, with our sports training programs made specifically to you and your program and having the flexibility to travel to you. We have had the opportunity to deliver to many programs and individuals with high success rates. For more information about our sports training programs please contact us. Either by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or by clicking the, "contact us" tab at the top of this sports training page.  

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