Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training, is a New Era of Working Out or Working with a Personal Trainer.

Why spend anywhere from $25.00 - $100.00 an hour to have someone stand right next to you or conform to someone's schedule? Using Online Personal Training, allows you to workout with your trainer anytime, anywhere, any place. Affordable online personal training is now available to you from Performance Training. Online Personal Training, PT1 package is now available in the PT Store.  It costs a fraction of what traditional personal training would cost. Our program will be designed for 6-10 weeks depending on your health/fitness goals. Our online personal trainer's will provide 24/7 support, custom training program made specifically for YOU, and 100% customer satisfaction. No two programs are made alike, each one is made specifically to you and your health and fitness needs. For over 6 weeks of online personal training for the same price other trainers will charge an hour for! No subscription fees either! If you enjoyed our online personal training, all you have to do is sign up again for another 6-10 weeks of our online personal training with Performance Training!

All laid out in an easy to read and interpret system. An affordable online personal trainer with Performance Training, e-Training has never been easier. All you need to do is click here to visit our store and select the, "PT1" option. You will then be asked to fill out our fitness questionnaire. Then be ready to work with our online personal trainer's via e-Mail, to go over various health and fitness information pertaining to you and your goals.

You do not need a gym membership or equipment to work with our online personal trainers. Performance Training will help you achieve your fitness goals through use of innovative techniques. If you have a gym membership and equipment no problem we will utilize what you have available to you.

Our online personal training programs are not limited to any genre of the athletic/fitness world. We will tailor fit any athletic/fitness program to anyone worldwide! Our programs are cost effective and best part the program will revolve around your schedule! We specialize in weight training for weight loss, sports fitness training, muscle building, and sport specific training.

Who uses Online

Personal Training?

Online Personal Training or better known to Performance Training as, e-Training. Is used by all walks of life. Athletes, business men and women, stay at home parents, students, and more. Recently we have seen many athletes turn to online personal training, e-Training for their off-season programs. Whether to supplement their respective team training programs or to help get them to the next level. Online personal training is a simple and easy to follow program all built exclusively for you and what your goals are. No, two online personal training programs are alike. Each online personal training program are built from scratch and made specifically to our clients. Whatever you goals are: weight training for weight loss, weight loss, sports fitness training, nutrition development, etc. Performance Training, not only offers a unique way to utilize online personal training but makes affordable online personal training a reality. We look forward in working with you!

Still have questions? e-mail Eric at, with any questions you may have. 

Online personal training, is made for the serious athlete/client looking for programs to help them reach their true potential. Each program is designed for 6-10 weeks depending on your individual goals and needs. As you progress with your fitness level, so will your programs as they will change every 6-10 weeks. As soon as you complete one program and you choose to continue simply purchase your next Phase of online personal training and continue to reap the benefits of training with Performance Training! We are trainers who care about our clients and their goals. We want to help guide you to the body you want! Not only will we design a program made just for you, we will also be there when you need us and keep you accountable. Your success is our success.

Any questions? Please contact a PT staff member at:


Best of luck to you and your fitness/athletic goals!

The Process:

1) Click on the PT1 program in the PT Store.

2) Purchase via pay-pal in the PT store. 

3) We ill ask to have you complete our Fitness Questionnaire then,  an e-Mail will be sent to you from one of our Online personal trainers. You will be asked several questions in regards to what you are looking for in your training program (i.e.) Sports training, weight training for weight loss, etc. Please be very detailed for this. As this is the information your online personal trainer will use to build your program specific to your goals

4) Wait. It will take up to 48 hours for your program to be sent out to you with your picture by picture descriptions of how to perform every exercise we will ask you to do.

5) Enjoy the success! We are proud to be a leader in the Health & Fitness industry and look forward to working with you! At Performance Training your goal is our goal!

Online Training 
(what you get

  • 6 to 8 week training program.
  • Step by step instruction(s).
  • 24/7 support via Text, e-Mail, or Phone.
  • Nutritional guidelines.
  • Supplement recommendation(s).
  • Certified Personal Trainers at your disposal.
  • Each program is made specifically to you and your goals. No two programs are the same!
  • Having a quality personal trainer for about a $1 a day. ($49.95 for a 6 to 8 week program)