as of 7/1/20

  • All games will be officiated by USA Hockey certified officials.

  • Minnesota High School League rules will govern all play. Including all minor and major penalties. (i.e) Hitting from behind will be served as it is in the regular season. 5 minute major and a 10-minute misconduct. Any player with more than 5 penalties in a game will be removed from that game. Including minors, coincidental, misconducts, & majors. 

  • Icing will have a little more relaxed style to increase gameplay.

  • No checking along boards or open ice hitting. No contact.  

  • Any "Contact" penalty will be served as a Roughing Minor/Major. 

  • Zero Tolerance for fighting & severe contact.

  • Slamming of doors in frustration or anger will result in a bench minor for the first offense, game ejection for the second offense, league removal for the third offense. 

  • Verbal abuse of a league official, player, coach, and officials will result in the following: First offense = verbal warning. Second offense = 10-min misconduct. Third offense = Game ejection (if less than 10 minutes remains in-game, the penalty will rollover to next game). Fourth offense = League removal.  

  • Mouthguards must be worn at all times.

  • All penalties will be served as they are in the regular season. (i.e.) 2-minute minor will result in a 4 on 3.

  • Players & Goalies must wear team jersey provided by the league. No exceptions. Jerseys will be collected and returned to the league at end of season. 

  • Only skaters & goalies registered through this website are eligible to play in the league.

  • All games will be played at the Four Seasons Centre in Owatonna, MN.

  • All games will have a 3-minute on-ice warm-up. (Pucks will be provided).

  • All games will have a 2-minute intermission. 

  • All games will have two-25 minute halves of run time; stop time will occur the last 2 minutes of the second half of the game is within two-goal(s) or tied.

  • Tied games with result in a sudden death shootout. Every player must shoot once before he can go again.

  • No Time Outs. 

  • Each Win = 1 point; Loss = 0 point. This will be the point system used to determine playoff seeding and league standings.  

  • Top-4 teams will be seeded into the playoffs based on wins at the end of the regular season. Playoffs are a single-game elimination format.

  • In the event of a tie in the regular-season standings - Tie breakers are as follows: 1) Head to head. 2) Coin flip.

  • All players must be in at least 8th grade as of the Fall of 2020 - Bantams can participate in this league with an OK from there respective HS coach.

  • Bench coaches will be provided by the league. Simply to keep even ice time and provide extra supervision.

  • Any team with less than 5 skaters and 1 goaltender. Will result in a forfeit for the team. A scrimmage will take place with the allotted ice-time with players divided out equally from both teams.

  • If a team is need of a substitute goalie - contact the league in advance for the help.

  • League directors and managers reserve all rights to remove any player at any time without a refund.

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