Jr. Elite Camp Information

 Welcome to the 2017 Performance Training Junior Elite Hockey Camp Training & Exposure Camp. The 2017 Jr. Elite Camp will run June 12th - August 10th. Monday - Thursday. We will have a week off July 3rd - July 6th. A detailed scheduled of the 2017 Jr. Elite Camp can be found near the bottom of this page under, "Camp Schedule." 

Training will take place at the Dodge County Ice Arena. In general our training takes place Monday - Thursday from 6:30 AM - 9:15 AM. 

The 2017 Jr. Elite Camp is available to all 1997 - 2001 Birth years. This year we are also allowing, "Collegiate" athletes to participate in the Jr. Elite Camp. The collegiate camp will be slightly different than the traditional Jr. Elite athletes as they require a more specific experience.  We have also made the commitment to camp different this year as well. We have three different options for participating in this year's Junior Elite Camp. Full, which encompasses the entire summer training schedule. Half, which allows an athlete to participate in or up to 50% of this year's Camp experience. Weekly, this allows the most flexibility for athletes. Allowing a pay-as-you go rate for week's they are available to train within the Jr. Elite Camp. 

Please read below for more information & details on the 2017 Jr. Elite Hockey Camp.  And, be sure to check out our friends over at, The Junior Hockey Podcast for all your junior hockey news and junior hockey lifestyle blogs & podcasts! 


  • Athletes will billet (if needed) in the Rochester, MN area.
  • 40+ hours of on & off – ice training. Focusing on individual skill development: Power-skating, edge control, balance, shooting, stick-handling, passing, speed & explosiveness, team concepts, agility & plyometrics, balance, speed, explosiveness, strength, total body development, power shooting, stick-handling, and video-analysis
  • Individual strength training program (upon request).
  • Individual nutrition program (upon request)). 
  • Player Profile for advancement.
  • Direct one on one exposure to Junior and College hockey programs.
  • Camp jerseys,   PT training hat, stick wax, clear, white, and black tape throughout camp. 


  • Being able to train and work on Hockey specific skills with other players of like ability. Focusing on individual skill development along with being in a competitive atmosphere. There will also be an emphasis on team concepts and developing the group. 
  • Alongside with the intense on and off ice, hockey training. We will be bringing it all together to perform at the highest possible level in front of scouts from the Junior and College level's. Each player will have a player profile. These profiles will be widely available to any interested scout/coaches.
  • Performance Training encourages “guest” coaches to come and train the Jr. Elite program for one or several training sessions. Giving an excellent opportunity for both player & coach to showcase their respective abilities.
  • This Elite training and exposure camp is bringing together what all aspiring Junior/College hockey players need. An ultra-intense and competitive training environment with the opportunity of being scouted and exposed to Junior and College scouts.

The Staff:

Performance Training Junior Elite Training & Exposure camp is managed by Performance Training's owner: Eric R. Hofmann. Eric, brings a wealth of hockey knowledge and individual skills development both on and off the ice. Owning an operating Performance Training since 2006.

The staff for the Jr. Elite camp includes:

  • Eric Hofmann - NA3HL Head Coach
  • Vinnie Susi – NA3HL Assistant Coach
  • Guest Coaches – USHL, NAHL, USPHL and WSHL Head/Assistant Coaches

For more information on our Jr. Elite Staff please visit our, “About Us” page. 

Jr. Elite 2017 Application

Jr. Elite 2017 Schedule

Jr. Elite 2017 Payment Information

Once accepted into the 2017 Performance Training Jr. Elite Camp. An invoice from Performance Training will be generated via PayPal and sent to the e-mail address provided on your camp application. You can make one payment or several payments. Whichever is more convenient for you. All payments for the 2017 Jr. Elite Camp must be PAID in full by June 5th, 2017. 

  • 2017 Jr. Elite Camp; Full Camp (9 weeks) - $1050.00
  • 2017 Jr. Elite Camp; 1/2 Camp (4 weeks) - $555.00
  • 2017 Jr. Elite Camp; Weekly (1 week) - $135.00
  • 2017 Jr. Elite Camp; Collegiate Athletes - Contact Eric for pricing.
  • 2017 Jr. Elite Camp; Billet Fee - $500.00 (one time fee for duration of camp).

Jr. Elite Camp Roster

as of 5/31/2017

  1. Trey McMillen
  2. Michael Smits
  3. Trevor Timm
  4. Sam Bjellum
  5. Ian Smyth
  6. Matthew Shupert
  7. Zach Curry
  8. Tyler Manzardo
  9. Cort Buck
  10. Dylan Boysen
  11. Jackson Kranebell
  12. Garret Formhals
  13. John Zwarych 
  14. Cole Kundert
  15. Nicholas Retzer
  16. Reed Erickson
  17. Joshua Hoffman
  18. Rylely Cook
  19. Noah Roach 

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