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Posted by Eric Hofmann on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Under: Health and Fitness blog
How much water is enough water to consume during the day? How much water do I need to get through my training session? Is it possible to over-hydrate? These are all questions that I have heard over and over again. This week we get into some details about Water and hydrating throughout the day.

Long and tough workouts are not only exhausting but can also be dangerous if you neglect to quench your thirst. Replacing the fluids you lose when you exercise is essential to sustaining performance, preventing dehydration and avoiding injury. What and when to drink is determined by how long and how hard you exercise, environmental conditions and whether you've acclimated to the heat. For training and events less than one hour in duration, plain old water is sufficient for optimal re-hydration. However, workouts or sport's that last more than an hour increase fluid losses (1-2 quarts per hour) and drain your muscles energy stores, making sports drinks the best way to replace fluids.

The three main ingredients of sports drinks - water, carbohydrate, and sodium - are precisely formulated for utilization during exercise. These drinks offset fluid loss, replace energy (via the calorie's they provide), boost fluid absorption in the blood and, of course, taste pretty awesome - especially when compared to water. The drawbacks to sports drinks is the cost and the excess calories, particularly if you are trying to lose weight rather than wing a competition. Test out a few different sport drink products along with the variety of flavors while training or participating in sports next time and see which is best for you.

Keep in mind these beverages are not meal replacements. They lack essential nutritional items such as: protein, fiber, fat and vitamins & minerals. It is obviously essential to be eating a well-balanced diet while working out and/or participating in sports - at least for optimal performance levels.

A few fluid facts:

  • Drink water before you're thirsty.
  • Avoid caffiene and alcohol. They actually dehydrate you.
  • Drink fluids at a cool temperature. Research has shown that humans consume more liquids at a cooler temperature.
  • One to Two hours before exercise, drink a sports drink or 20oz of water. 15-30 minutes before exercise drink another 12oz of water - this is for optimal performance/hydration while training.
  • Drink 5-10oz of water or sports drink every 15 minutes while training.
  • Replaced the fluids lost during training. A good way to do this is to weight yourself before and after training. Note the difference. For every 2lbs of body weight lost, drink 1 quart of water. If you do not have access to a scale, drink water till your urine is clear.

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