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What is a Tactical athlete? After scouring the net for a sound definition. I came to realize there are plethora of different definitions. More than I thought there would be - in this small niche world. Which is growing quite fast. I think the best way to go about this is defining both words individually, the following is from dictionary.com:

Tactical - of or pertaining to a maneuver or plan of action designed as an expedient toward gaining a desired end or temporary advantage. Expedient; calculated.

Athlete - a person trained or gifted in exercise or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill.

I will let you draw your own conclusion on far as a definition of Tactical Athlete goes. In my personal opinion a Tactical Athlete is an individual that is in (or needs to be in) top physical condition, agile, can think clearly and quickly, make split-second (life or death) decisions, while moving in a very calculated manner. Essentially in my opinion these tactical athletes need to be able to move like an NFL Running back, Jump like an Olympic jumper, be as agile, explosive and tough as an NHL 1st liner, have the mind of the elite at Harvard or M.I.T, and most importantly be able to send a double-tap from there fire arms down range with absolute precision (while controlling their heart rate).

So, the question comes into play how do you train to be and/or maintain a tactical athlete. Essentially being a world-class athlete with a specific skill-set with weaponry? I believe there is answer to that and we at Performance Training have just begun in recent years to explore the opportunities of working with tactical athletes and in so many words sharpening the proverbial blade of these very extraordinary men and women. That mind you - are not paid like athletes and have a much more important job. Saving and protecting the lives of the population. A tactical athlete can be any one of the following and I'm sure I will miss a few (do not be offended): SWAT team members, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Marine Recon, Emergency Response Team(s), British Special Air Services, Specific CIA and FBI agents, Police Officers, etc.

Training to be or maintain the tactical athlete I believe is two main portions:

1) Health & Fitness; focusing specifically on agility and plyometrics. Looking to gain: agility, balance, strength, explosiveness,  and speed. While gaining knowledge on how to take care of the human body in nutritional aspects.

2) Weapon training & Hand to hand combat; focusing on all weaponry used and or what could be used, target training, stationary and moving, controlling heart rate while shooting, being able to have complete control in any situation both internal and external ones. All with extreme proficiency and accuracy.

How would one train for being a tactical athlete. Again, in my opinion training to be a tactical athlete is perhaps the worlds most ultimate training. I believe there is a correct mixture of Cross-Fit/Agility & plyometric training, hand to hand combat and weapon training that is a recipe for the ultimate Tactical Athlete. The training would be as follows for a given week:

Monday: Agility/Plyo sport specific training. Agility ladders, over-speed, sprints & full body strength training. Range training with secondary weapon from static position (not moving).

Tuesday: Hand to Hand combat and/or CGB (Close Quarter Combat) training from various methods: Roman Greckko, Boxing, Kung-fu, Kick-boxing, Ju-Jitsu, etc. This training is best simulated while sparring and/or if proper protective equipment is available live actions.

Wednesday: Tactical Athlete training course; the training course would consist of several physical obstacles the tactical athlete would have to negoitate with his/her firearm, then moving on to designated firing postions to hit moving targets within a certain time-frame upon arriving at said target. This would be repeated and lengthed dpeending on the indivual current ability's. Simulating real-life scenarios is the best type of training for this. Again, thinking outside the box to turn training into real-life scenarios. All the while attaining the best practice. The main focus would be conditioning and controlling the tactical athletes hear rate and focus while shooting. The course should be timed and recorded to note the tactical athletes proficiency and development.

Thursday: Repeat Monday's training however switch the sport that was trained for on Monday along with switching from secondary firearm to Main firearm.

Friday: Repeat Tuesday's training however switch the fighting style that was used on Tuesday.

Saturday: Basic training day consisting of cardiovascular training (i.e) running, biking, swimming - for roughly 45-60 minutes and strength exercises using body weight only. (i.e) Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups. Each should be timed as in the most repetition the tactical athlete can achieve in 60 seconds.

Sunday: Range day/Weaponry training. This day should be used as an off day from the physical training and focused entirely on becoming proficient and comfortable with any firearm available and/or currently being used.

Now, the above mentioned is a schedule set-up for a long term program - and in conjunction with your departments already in place training cycle's. This is a supplemental program to keep you sharp or at the top of your game. I know there are several camps/clinics that are available and soon to be Performance Training will be offering clinics and camps for the Tactical athlete. These camps/clinics can be very beneficial to individuals looking to become tactical athlete and/or develop and sound training program. However, the biggest thing to look into it. Who is giving the training, make sure there qualifications and background check out. After all this is the ultimate training experience!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article. I hope to have a real-time active tactical athlete post on this blog very soon and he can shed even more light on tactical athletes and training. As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at: performancetraining24@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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