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Recently, I was working at my local ice arena. It was an unusually busy shift for this rink attendant as their was some sort of youth event going on and, I was on the move constantly from Zaming the ice, sharpening skates, running the score clock, to throwing my skates on and reffing a game! Like I, said far from my usual cutting the ice then hiding in the office. In any event, so you get the picture I was busy and, I had not much time to eat. It was getting late into the day and, I was starting to get hungry, knowing I did not have much time and, I was restricted to the concession stand or vending machine. Figured in my mind I, need a little sugar maybe some caffeine and that will hold me over till I go home to have a proper meal. Now, I should go on the record and say I, eat a fairly well balanced diet, hardly eat candies or high sugar items and in general drink plenty of water and when and if I have carbonated beverages they are usually diet. Ok, so the stage is set and you have a little context of what's going on. I ended up raiding the concession stand and picked a bag of Skittles and a 20oz Pepsi. Thought to myself this will be a great little treat, besides how bad is a bag of treats and soda?  As I, headed back to run the scoreboard for the next game. I, settled in and the game began I started in on my snack, enjoying it by the way! When the trainer side of me clicked on and, I started to read the nutrition facts of the Skittles and Pepsi and, I was beyond blown away, flabbergasted would be the correct term. Those two items, which cost less then $3.00 combined and were consumed in a short time period are literally 25% of an average persons caloric intake, sugar was over 100% and I was near capacity for carbs for the entire day! just from these two items. The breakdown looks like this between the two:

1 bag of Tropical Skittles -
Nutrition Facts


Calories - 250
Total Fat - 2.5g
Sodium - 10mg
Total Carbohydrates

* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

1-20oz bottle of Pepsi
Nutrition Facts
based on a 2000 calorie diet

Calories - 250
Total Fat - 0g
Sodium - 55mg
Total Carbs - 69g
Sugars - 69g
Protein - 0g

So as you can see in my delightful little snack I took a huge hit. 500 calories and 116 grams of sugar. To make this clear to everyone and the reason I am writing about this. This in my views is a large part of where being out of shape and not leading a healthy lifestyle derives from. Imagine if this were a daily thing? And, for many and specifically youngsters out there it is. And, the worst part is they will eat these snacks then go home and put down a full sized meal, not to mention most likely another snack throughout the day. See where I'm coming from on this? From $3.00 and 2 items I put down 500 calories and over 100 grams of sugar. Let me throw some numbers your way.

In order to burn off 500 calories you would have to roughly complete any of the following:

  • 75 minutes of weight lifting
  • 45 minutes of running stairs (no breaks!)
  • 50 minutes of ice skating
  • 2 hours of yoga/pilates
  • 55 minutes of kayaking
  • 90 minutes of water aerobics
  • 75 minutes of Wii 'Just Dance'
  • 45 minutes of running at 6mph
  • 40 minutes of jump rope

You get the idea now, eating these incredibly delicious and easily accessible items are time consuming to work off. My point to take away from this is be selective on your snacking and try your best to plan your snacks throughout the day or have something healthy and ready to grab at any moment. But as I experienced and I guarantee many others experience as well sometimes life just comes at you and your forced to make, "game-time decisions". I urge you to pay closer attention of what you are choosing to put into your body for snack time and make more of a health-conscious decision!  

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