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Posted by Eric Hofmann on Sunday, October 13, 2013 Under: Health and Fitness blog
Online Personal Training, is somewhat of a new thing out on the web and a service available to just about anyone with internet access and a valid credit card. What's best for you? Online personal training or hiring a personal trainer at your local gym? I believe the biggest difference between a personal trainer and online personal training is the cost. Online Personal training will cost you a fraction of what a decent personal trainer would cost. For example. Personal training in a decent size town costs roughly $35-$55 an hour. That can add up quick. And, any trainer will tell you. For best results you need more than just one sessions. And, I do agree with that. So you can spend $500 fairly quickly on a personal trainer. They are great as they do keep you accountable, someone to talk to while training, and someone to push you while training. However, if you are an already fairly motivated individual and don't care who you talk to while training. Then Online personal training might be more for you. Online personal training with Performance Training costs $49.95 for a 6-8 week program. That is an entire program made specifically to you - the end user, along with nutritional guidelines, 24/7 support via text or email, and step by step instructions of how to do each exercise. That is a huge price difference. Essentially you have Online training for $50 for 6-8 week or Personal training meeting say, once a week for the same time frame - that's over $300! A savings in the tune of $250 or more every 6 weeks.

Another point worth mentioning about Online personal training vs. Personal training. Is the schedule. You literally work with your own schedule. Train when you want and where you want. Rather than working around someone's schedule.

It is worth mentioning if you are interested in trying an online personal trainer. Be sure to check into their backgrounds. Make sure they are still certified. ACE, CSCS, ISSA, etc. Ask for a resume or look for online feedback from other clients. You still want to make sure you are dealing with a health/fitness professional. Once you find one that works for you, roll with it! Like I mentioned we at Performance Training offer Online personal training for $49.95 for a 6-8 week program. No contracts, no subscriptions. If you like it great! If not, it's not the end of the world for you.

If the time comes and you are thinking about giving online training a shot, go for it! What's the worst that can happen - might get healthier?

Have a good one!

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