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As I mentioned in last week's post. This week we will be featuring a guest blog-writer: Dylan Prichard. Dylan is a Personal trainer and fitness model in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. For more information on Dylan and what he has going on, please visit his facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/prichtraining and as always please visit Performance Training's website for your Sports Camp, Online Personal Training, and Health/Fitness needs at www.goPT1.com

As any personal trainer or avid gym rat can agree on, you simply can not count the amount of times you have heard the phrase “I’m toning”. It resembles nails on a chalkboard, your friend singing off key in the car, or being denied by your high school crush. It’s a painful experience for anyone that has done mild research on exercising the human body, much less someone with an education in Kinesiology. What expressing this toning phenomenon entails is that they are usually hitting lower weights and higher volume throughout their training; the goal being to increase their muscular hardness and achieve that firm beach ready look.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret about the body, muscles primarily. Through training ( or lack of ), muscles do two things- they shrink or they grow. They do not go from hard to soft, that is strictly a myth that either was passed on by a late night commercial or on the side of a supplement package. Point blank there is no firming up or toning of the muscle. In the journey of finding this mysterious toning effect you have but two goals you must accomplish. You have to push yourself in strength training through moderate to heavy weight lifting and you must shed layers of fat.

There are two ways you can go about shedding this fat, diet and aerobic exercise. To lose fat you must be ( as is commonly known ) at a calorie deficient state. This can either be achieved through a strict diet, involving the counting of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that you are consuming and how many calories they respectively carry, or utilizing aerobic activity to burn excess calories that you have consumed. This is all very personalized as to how much you weigh, whether you have an overactive metabolism, and how much activity you are engaging in.

A fantastic goal to have when you are engaging in strength training is aiming for the 10-12 repetition range for each strength training set. This in not implying that you merely go for this number and discontinue; the idea is that your body can simply not hoist the weight you are training with past that range. If you can keep going past that peak of reputations, your weight is not where it should be and should increase. Of course this outline is generic and aimed towards a beginner. Many strength, endurance, physique and athletic competitors have training splits developed for their specific goals. This is a generic benchmark for a novice in the gym or someone that lacks professional coaching.

Another stipulation put on strength training by the public is that they do not want to train with heavier weights because they do not want to become bulky or experience weight gain. Enough is enough ladies- this excuse is one that we need to bury. There are a number of variables that go into weight gain and heavy strength training is not one of them. You have to start out by looking at the hormonal difference between males and females. Females simply lack the amount of testosterone that is required for that kind of muscular size increase. Another huge factor is looking at your diet. Any run of the mill weight lifter will tell you that to hit their weight goals for muscle gain they track their caloric intake. ( being a male looking to increase my size I sit anywhere from 4000-5000 clean calories a day ) That is around a 400% increase on most healthy diets. Girls, to gain weight you must give your body the nutrients and fuel to do it. You can control directly how much weight you put on or lose through your diet and aerobic activity.

The take away message is this, volume training has a place and a purpose- it truly does. However, the idea that you tone your body through higher volume and bulk on heavy weight lifting is nothing more than a myth. The key to a nice toned body is moderate to heavy strength training, a clean diet and cardio. Ladies and gentlemen lets go get some results.

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