Hockey Stick-handling - Part 2

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Part of our 6 part series, Hockey Off-season training. Part 1 focused on the intro into off-season training for hockey and how to best get started. Part 2 will focus on Stick-handling. After all you are training to be a hockey player right? Makes sense to actually work on a skill you will utilize every time you are on the ice whether it be at practice or in a game. What we have recommended is actually coupling your stick-handling with shooting or power shooting. How you ask? We do this by building an odd & even day training program. Meaning on Odd days their is a specific training program to follow and likewise on Even days their is a specific training to follow. Let's say Stick-handling is, Odd days and Shooting is, Even days.

How often do you train? Every day? Well you could but your trainer/coaches will probably say to train 3-4 days a week. Especially in the beginning of the off-season training program (well they should say this). Since we are focusing on stick-handling what drills can I do? Well the list is very large on what you can do. Here are a few ideas. The goal should be to work on hand/eye coordination & raw stick-handling skills for roughly 15-30 minutes. Here are some drills (these are just names - if you are interested in a drawn up diagram of these drills please email me):

*All drills mentioned below are using a wooden stick-handling ball

  • Wrist Rolls x 30-35 reps
  • Forward-stance stick-handling x 30-60 seconds
  • Strong-side stick-handling x 30-60 seconds
  • Weak-side stick-handling x 30-60 seconds
  • Around the world x 30-60 seconds
  • Foot to blade x 30-60 seconds
  • Long reach x 30-60 seconds
  • Tap up x 30-60 seconds

After each exercise air your wrists out by gripping the middle of the hockey stick and rotating your fist. With all of these exercises you can count how many reps you can successfully do int he same time frame and try to beat your own number of reps within a given time.  This training can and should be done from the beginning all the way through the end of the off-season. The only thing that will change is the frequency in which you perform this training per week.  We will discuss this into further detail in our upcoming posts...

There is a solid 15-30 minute stick-handling program which should be done on odd days. We will focus on what you should do on even days later this week. Our next post will outline a shooting program.

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