Government shutdown, Debt-Ceiling, and your health

Posted by Eric Hofmann on Thursday, October 17, 2013 Under: Health and Fitness blog
Stress, Anxious, Depression, Sleep-Deprived, Irritability, Obesity - these are all common symptoms of today's people. Specifically in the United States. Right now the date and time of this posting. Is a very volatile time in the United States perhaps even in it's history. With Quantitative Easing 3 or better know as QE3 continually printing billions, that's billions with a capital "B" each month. Somewhere in the tune of $80 billion dollars the FED is printing out of thin air each month. Gobbling up securities - some if not all are the toxic securities from the 2008 crash. And to make matters worse we don't know when it will stop or begin to taper. I am assuming once the labour markets strengthen or come back, if they ever will. That right there is enough to make your average person have any one of the above-mentioned symptoms. Frankly I don't blame my common man to have elevated stress, anxiety, depressions, losing sleep, eating because it makes them feel comfortable. This is a rough situation to be living in - essentially a lot of uncertainty.

Another thing that can cause all the mentioned items. Is our current government shutdown and debt-ceiling debates. Just this morning congress figured something out to raise our debt-ceiling. So we don't "default" to China and other nations we owe. All though if you really think about it, we have already defaulted. We just keep buying ourselves a little more time by raising the debt-ceiling. Moreover, what's up with our government? We are currently in a shutdown. Again, being part of the health and fitness industry I really don't blame the people for letting their health go down the tube. Both physically and mentally. I mean how can you blame them? The three dilemmas I just mentioned is enough to make anyone go kuh-kuh for coca puffs! Those are major country problems. Now factor in your everyday life problems, we all have them in some form or another: relationships, families, work, injury, education, finances, etc. People it is safe to say at the current moment we are living - No, better we are enduring a very tough time right now.

I write this not to scare anyone or try to make you choose a side. I'm sure you get enough of that throughout your day already. My concern is your health both mentally and physically. And all though I emphasize with all of you about our current issues. Completely understanding why you may be enduring tough stresses on your body - I am here to suggest. Take the time to give your body what it needs: proper rest, nutrition, physical & mental stimuli. Even if you only have a few minutes a day there are programs out there that can help you; your body and mind. Endure and get through this situation(s). Keep your senses keen and your shell fresh. As an old saying goes, "you still have your health" the question is do you? If not, do something about it as I mentioned there are a plethora of programs available both on the net and at your local gym. Seek out a personal trainer if money is an issue. Check out online personal training. Most online training programs are $2 a day or less - the last I checked that's way cheaper than the doctor! If you cannot afford online personal training. Search for free training programs on youtube or anywhere across the net. Be resourceful!

Look for new ways to consume food, find cheaper ways to eat healthier. Again be resourceful! A good trainer will help you lay out a nutritional program for you. Again, if you cannot afford it look around online. I have provided a handful of links (at the bottom of this post) for both training and nutritional tips, away from our site and company (Performance Training). If you are not interested in our help - that's fine. We want to help you find whats right for you. Because, in the end you are responsible for you; you have to look out for your best interests!

In closing I understand the stresses you are enduring right now. It's the same everywhere just different combinations of stresses. And, i am telling you it is taking a toll on your body & mind. Take the time out of your day and work on it. Use the resources that are available to you and make an honest effort to better your life both physically and mentally. I can promise you, if you do that. When this is over and it will end sooner or later. You will feel the best you have ever felt. You will look back on these trouble times we are going through as a nation and personally and know that you did everything you could and become stronger because of it.

Best of luck and have a great day. Below is a list of links to other online training sites, youtube videos, and nutritional sites.

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Nutritional Sites: 

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Youtube training videos:

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