Golf, the under-rated training.

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Well, I, must say I cannot believe it has taken me this long to have a post about Golf. I, am fortunate enough to find time to get out their and play 4-5 times a week. I, enjoy it for a multitude of reasons. The one facet in which I want to discuss with our readers is the hidden health & fitness values that can be reaped from playing a round of golf. If done correctly. And, surprisingly you will leave the course quite tired and feel pretty good about yourself - well of course depending how you shoot as well!

First and foremost what I mean by playing a round the correct way is: By walking the course rather than driving it. Also means not drinking alcoholic beverages while playing. For some, I, understand that is challenge as you play golf for leisure and enjoying time with friends. However, for the rest of us out there. Ditch the wheels and trade the suds for some good ol' fashioned H20. 

Simple math time - Let's figure out roughly how far you will be traveling when you walk the course. We will use my course's stats for the sake of this example. Total yardage is 5,916 yards. This is just for the holes. Not including walking from hole to hole, chipping & putting, looking for your lost ball. over-walking your ball, and as my friends do - walking around the forest looking for their ball and others! For this sake, lets assume there is a distance of 100 yards between each hole and from the clubhouse to the 1st and 18th hole. This adds another 1,800 yards to the total.


  • 1 mile = 5,280 feet.
  • 1 yard = 3 feet.  
  • 18 holes total distance = 5,916 yards
  • 5,916 x 3= 17,748 feet
  • 17,748/5,280= 3.36 Miles
  • 1,800 x 3= 5,400 feet
  • 17,748 ft (distance listed on scorecard) + 5,400 ft (distance between holes)= 23,148 ft
  • 23,148 ft / 5,280 ft = 4.38 miles

Now, we have a number(s) to work off of. You can achieve over 4 miles by walking the next time you play. And, remember that number does reflect the time you spend walking for chipping and putting, looking for lost balls, etc. So when it's all said and done in less you are playing scratch golf - but even then you are probably looking at close to 5 miles. Ok, with that said. Now, think about this. Have you ever weighed your bag? I did the other day out of curiosity, makes sense if I were hiking/backpacking. I, know in that instance I don't want to be over 40lbs or else I am asking for more than a punishment when on a hiking trip. But in Golf, its not something you think about - because well it's golf right? It's easy right? some barely even consider it a sport! But here we are walking 5 miles; negotiating some serious terrain with a lot of up and down. My bag (which is a light-weight stand bag) weighs just under 25lbs. And, that is with standard amount of clubs, extra balls, tees, towel. That does not include my 24oz water bottle.

Ok, so here is where the under-rated training comes into play. For those of you who are weekend-warriors to the avid golfer. Think about it now, here you are with 25 lbs. of gear on your back, walking some serious up and down terrain, and your distance is roughly 5 miles. All of sudden golf, goes from a couch potatoes dream game to something more of a cross-breed between an experienced backpacker and long-distance walker. That's just the travel portion, think about what you are actually doing when you are golfing - you are swinging. In fact you are swinging so much. I, would consider it a high rep workout. If you are decently good at the game you are for sure making the same movement roughly 85 times. Then think about your practice swings. at least twice that amount.....

So here we go, on a 5 mile walk through up and down terrain, carrying 25 lbs. of gear on our back, a trunk rotation that uses our entire body roughly 165 times. All of sudden golf is more than just golf! The images that come into my head when reading the above line are not of extravagant clubhouse, beautiful par-3's, bent-grass fairways, polo shirts, and the thought of shooting in the 70s. It's more of, I need to be mentally prepared, need to load on nutrients, plenty of fluids, and be physically prepared to get through this training session!

Let's finish with looking at some numbers. You can burn in the neighborhood of 1,400 calories by walking 18 holes of golf while carrying your bag/clubs. If you walk and have a caddie/push-cart you can burn near 1,100 calories. Remember, results of burning calories are different from person to person. I, am merely speaking in generals using mathematical formulas.  Finally, here it is, Golf the under-rated training session: Walking 5 miles, through un-even terrain, with 20+ lbs. of gear, and repeating roughly 165 full-body trunk rotations - Burning roughly 1,400 calories in the process. I, would say Golf is one heck of a work-out!

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