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 Welcome to Performance Training!

Home of Online personal training and sports training camps. We are proud to be a leader in the health and fitness industry. And, being one of the pioneers of online personal training. Performance Training opened in 2006 and has been helping our clients reach their goals one person at time! From elite athletes to your everyday people.

Online Personal Training, started in 2008 and Performance Training was one of the first companies to hit the web with online personal training services. In a technology hungry world and even faster paced society, online personal training is becoming more and more of the norm for people looking for an edge on there personal health and fitness goals. Performance Training's, online personal training is not only effective and easy to do. It is cost effective. With NO monthly subscription, you are in control of how much you spend. When working with a Online personal trainer from Performance Training, you purchase your training program(s) for 6-8 weeks at a time. If that's all you need, great. If you are looking for more or want to continue with your progress, simply sign up for your next Phase of Online personal training! For more information of our online personal training services please visit our Online personal training page!  Your goal is our goal!

We also specialize in sport performance. Utilizing agility and plyometric's focusing on developing: Explosiveness, Speed, Strength, Balance, Agility, Core strength, & Conditioning. Our programs have been proven successful time and time again with all individuals and organization's we have worked with. We are based in Rochester, Minnesota and work with local and regional programs. We will travel to you and your area, if you are interested and or would like more information on our sports fitness training camps, please visit our sports training page.

We also offer a Health & fitness blog, which is updated regularly with great content in the health & fitness industry. Often, there are free tips for exercise, health, online personal training, and sports fitness training.

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Eric Hofmann